Built on top of Zarr, MDIO is an essential enabler in the energy data space for quickly accessing and disseminating data on the cloud. This new fully open-source format, and associated algorithms, have been specifically designed to support the storage and manipulation of multidimensional datasets, including seismic and wind modeling data. MDIO allows for innovative growth in a wide variety of applications, including seismic and renewable energy solutions, and the algorithms' continued evolution to benefit other industry sectors.
Cloud-native, chunked, and compressed

Cloud-native, chunked and compressed

  • Significant reduction in cloud storage and processing costs
  • Easier to process spatially adjacent information
Fast random access, de-coupled metadata

Fast random access, de-coupled metadata

  • Reduced data sizes
  • Easy to add other compression schemes
  • Optimization ready¬†for web visualization or scientific computing
Optimized for distributed computing and ML

Optimized for distributed computing and ML

  • Support for massively parallel compute through open source software ecosystem
  • Ideal for patch extraction for deep learning